Too Fabulous To Be Called Grandma

nanaglam-pillowWell this was a heartfelt response by a lot of ladies…the saying is as follows:

Nana…A woman whose children have children, but is far too fabulous, glamourous, and gorgeous to be called Grandma.”

That really hit home with thousands (and thousands!) of women. And the sentiment is well taken; who wants to be pigeon-holed as one type of person when it is just not suitable? After all, there are the traditional ‘Grandma” types, who are just fine being traditional grandmas, then there are women who really are women whose children have children. Some of them may still be in their thirties!

So here’s to all those fabulous ladies!

You can change the word Nana to anything you like. Several have been ordered with the name ‘Gigi’, ‘Mimi’, ‘Mamaw’ and even ‘Siti’.

Not only that; this artwork is available on this pillow case of course, plus

  • a white t-shirt
  • mug
  • tote
  • apron
  • wine totebag
  • decorative plate

And it looks…fabulous. You can see them here.