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Christmas Craft Ideas

By Kimberly Harrison November 07, 2017 0 comments

Christmas and kids! Holidays cand be stressful for adults, but taking a few moments to onnect with your kids has a calming effect for you, and creates memories your little ones will have the rest of their lives. Here's a simple craft for tree ornaments: clear plastic ornaments filled with confetti, shredded paper, or even tinsel. The kids can place their thumbprint with safe paint (washing in between), then connect the 'bulbs' with a marker.
Here is a big list worth shaaring, from a busy blogger named Allison.
....and here's one claiming their decorations are easy enough for a toddler to make. Wow.
Hee's our Christmas gifts page too.
Whatever you decide to do - or don't do - remember to take a moment for yourself to relax, and enjoy the small moments. It's good for you, and good for your family.

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