Raggzz is committed to listening to our customers and providing styles you want, on products you like. To that end, we bring designs to the store after getting feedback from you, the valued client.

Further expanding on the above remark: another ongoing effort we at Raggzz always include in our business model is the commitment to unite your style with your heart. We think of it as "Your Passion Is Your Fashion". It means whether you're a #softballmom, a proud Nana or a sports fan, we'll work hard to bring you a style you'll be proud to own.

Along with carefully curated designs you'll also find some created in-house and exclusive for Raggzz customers. We would love your feedback at any time on those. We try to offer things we would actually wear or buy ourselves!

The inventory: it keeps growing as manufacturers innovate, test and produce, resulting in affordabllity and a lot more choices! In this day and age, you can see a design you like, and there's a good chance you can get it on sneakers, a mug, or even a backpack! Seriously, just email us at and we'll do our best to accommodate you. :)

We offer custom designs and discounts for bulk orders for small businesses, along with discounts via our preferrred vendor alliances. Contact us for a list of creative ideas! 

We also help charities with fundraising. Basically, you can run an event without having to carry inventory or worry about processing payments. You simply send people to a designated web page online that we provide with items and designs we provide, , they order your products, and we process and fulfill the orders and send 100% of the proceeds them to you. Contact us; we're happy to help

Another word for our valued clients: Along the way, whether it was by email or in a phone call, we have made a few long distance friendships and love hearing from you. It really (really!) makes a difference. So don't ever hesitate to send us a message any time!

Our Commitment

When you place your trust in Raggzz, we take it very seriously. Without our great customers we wouldn't be in business! Your information is never shared, and we never see any financial details.

We are located in Carmel, California. We work with excellent manufacturers in the United States, including Missouri, California, and Indiana, and a manufacturing company in China which is owned by a U.S. citizen.

Many items are 'pre-ordered by us or inspected at industry conferences to assure their quality.


Raggzz is committed to providing quality products and custom designs at affordable prices.

People are commiting more and more to adapting their passion to their fashion.

No matter where you live or what time it is, you are welcome at Raggzz! Yes, we ship worldwide. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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