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Fun Bites and Decorating Tips for St. Patrick's Day

Fun Bites and Decorating Tips for St. Patrick's Day

First, an Irish Blessing:

Irish Blessing Poem on Cliffs of Ireland Artwork

Easy and Tasty Recipes and Free Decorations We hope you can find the time to try a new recipe or add a bit of charm this St. Patrick's Day. It's always nice to create a memory even in the smallest ways.

Irish Potato Bites

We found this recipe on a lovely mom blog. The recipe is added below but it's only fair to include a link to her website too.

shamrock shake
Then there's a little time left over to Irish up the place, kinda 'shamrock' it, 
These are images representing some free downloadable banners for St. Patrick's Day. The link to the real files (larger than this image) shown is here
Have a great St. Pat's Day! Our unique Irish styles are a lot of fun too!

Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas and kids! Holidays cand be stressful for adults, but taking a few moments to onnect with your kids has a calming effect for you, and creates memories your little ones will have the rest of their lives. Here's a simple craft for tree ornaments: clear plastic ornaments filled with confetti, shredded paper, or even tinsel. The kids can place their thumbprint with safe paint (washing in between), then connect the 'bulbs' with a marker.

Here is a big list worth shaaring, from a busy blogger named Allison.
....and here's one claiming their decorations are easy enough for a toddler to make. Wow.
Hee's our Christmas gifts page too.
Whatever you decide to do - or don't do - remember to take a moment for yourself to relax, and enjoy the small moments. It's good for you, and good for your family.

Gift Ideas For Your Far Away Loved One

Gift Ideas For Your Far Away Loved One

Fun and inspired gifts to let them know they're missed. Here's one from "out of the blue" for someone who is overseas. They even painted waves and fishes along with a sweet note!

This one is a yellow theme - as in "You are my sunshine". Cute!

This gift is practical - all kinds of food that you just add water to make it. Nice decorating!

And this is a great gift for any gal away from home!

These are such sweet and inspired ideas that created a lot of smiles.

We have a few gifts to send for those you miss and love too!