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Can't believe it's EASTER already! Here are a few fun ideas for you and your family! 

"Wakey-wakey-time for a bunny bak-ey!"

A fun way to start your Easter weekend: Bunny-style Scrambled Eggs :)) They added string cheese (you could just cut cheese strips) for the whiskers, black olives (or raisins?) for the eyes and a berry (any kind, or a cherry tomato) for the nose. If you're vegan, substitute toast point for the bacon ( you probably thought of that) :) Yummy idea!

============================================================ BUNNY FINGER PUPPETS! 

Easy-Pasy bunny ears made from paper plates!

This idea is more time-consuming, but so darn cute! Here is the link to the entire project. A keepsake idea for sure!

As far as gifts for Easter, we have these beautiful bible covers in 4 colors. They are vegan :)

Easter Bible Cover

You can find them here

Have a wonderful Easter! From the team at Raggzz :)

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