Dinosaur Insulated Lunch Bag Tote

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This insulated Dinosaur lunch box tote is a custom design, made just for you! A happy dinosaur on a skateboard looks up at his friend the Pteranodon swooping overhead while a loose kite is almost getting away! The lunch bag is insulated - it's made of neoprene. Lightweight and durable.


  • 6.49 Oz. Made of fine neoprene material, insulating and strong by nature.
  • Can be used with warm or cold food
  • Soft-grip handles and zipper closure make it easy to carry
  • Dimension: App 11.93"(L) x 11.22"(H) x 6.69"(W)
  • Stain-resistant, rinse clean or machine wash and air dry
  • Eco-friendly
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