Soy Candles

We're delighted to offer these eco-friendly candles made in the United States. Here is why we recommend these candles:


Eco-friendly is a term that gets so overused. Here though, it's true. These are all-natural soy candles made from soybeans grown in the U.S.A. Soy burns cleaner, 90% less than paraffin, and unlike paraffin does not increase CO2. The wicks are cotton only, no lead or zinc. The glassware is 50% recycled.

Essential Oils

Proprietary blends create amazing aromas like banana bread, coconut line, beach linen, cinnamon get the idea.

Luxury Quality

These are the same candles sold at high-end boutiques and hotels like the Ritz-Carlton.

Giving Back

The candle creator has partnered with "Feeding Children Everywhere" and donates $1 of every sale to the charity.



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